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Construction Monitoring

Fire Safety Consultancy offers comprehensive construction monitoring services that provide independent verification and reassurance during the construction phase. Our experienced team ensures compliance with design requirements and regulatory standards, giving you peace of mind regarding the fire safety measures implemented during construction.

Through meticulous on-site and off-site activities, we verify that the construction works align with the approved design intent, drawings, and specifications. We review contractor PS3's and construction methods to confirm regulatory and design compliance. Our team gathers evidence, and responds to technical queries or potential design deviations requested by the contractor.

One of the significant benefits of our construction monitoring services is the ability to provide PS4 sign-off. This signifies that the fire safety measures implemented during construction meet the necessary requirements, ensuring the highest level of safety for the building. With our independent verification, you can have confidence in the quality and compliance of the construction process.

Fire Safety Consultancy's construction monitoring plays a critical role in managing risk, ensuring the successful execution of your project, and delivering a high-quality outcome. Trust us to provide accurate monitoring reports, collaborate with the project stakeholders, and certify the approved design has been met. Choose our construction monitoring services to safeguard your project and uphold fire safety standards with confidence.

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