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Fire Safety Consultancy recognises the importance of accessibility as a fundamental aspect of building design. We understand that providing access for people with disabilities is a crucial consideration to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

In certain commercial settings, it is essential to incorporate design features that enable seamless entry and movement for individuals with disabilities. These features may include accessible toilets, showers, stairs, ramps, door widths, reception desks, and corridors, among others.

As part of our comprehensive Fire Design Reports, Fire Safety Consultancy offers professional accessibility design services. We seamlessly integrate accessibility considerations into our reports, providing recommendations that Acceptable Solutions D1/AS1.

Moreover, we understand that specific projects may require a standalone accessibility report. In such cases, we are well-equipped to provide dedicated assessments and comprehensive reports tailored to your unique requirements.

Our experienced team conducts thorough evaluations of the building, offering detailed recommendations to enhance accessibility and ensure compliance.

By engaging our Accessibility Reports service, you can be confident that your building design will meet the necessary accessibility criteria.


At Fire Safety Consultancy, we are committed to delivering professional and reliable services that prioritise compliance, functionality, and inclusivity.

Contact Fire Safety Consultancy today to discuss your accessibility needs and discover how our expertise can contribute to creating an accessible environment within your building.

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